A Start Over with Gelato

Gelato shops are about to reopen, but living with the virus will be the order of the day and being prepared is essential.

Ensuring safety regulations, reorganizing the work, reviewing the spaces, the production kitchen and the shopping experience, will be the real new challenges in the coming months.

How to deal with the upcoming summer season? What strategy to adopt to overcome the crisis? Here are some tips on how to “restart”:

  1. Schedule work shifts to limit the number of employees on the premises.
  2. Organize the sanitization of the shop and communicate it to customers through clear and visible communications.
  3. Create safety distances inside the shop. Use signage such as decals for your floor!
  4. Provide customers with gloves or hand sanitizer.
  5. Create your own code of communication with your customer by gaining their trust. A clear, compliant and transparent production will be appreciated.

Listening to customers’ concerns is fundamental to adapt to the evolving market by adjusting your offer over time, but also to understand how to promote home delivery service  through efficient communication channels.

Email us at customerservice@pregel.com to find out about the new ways of delivery.