Caffè Swing is a coffee-based recipe born to meet the requests of customers who are always looking for new sensations and a delightful harmony of flavors, thanks to the perfect blend of coffee notes and creamy chocolate sauces.

Caffè Swing is composed of El Cafetero, which is a pure and freeze-dried, single-origin and single-variety, 100% Arabic Coffee combined with Flakes Choco White and Flakes Choco Black Arabeschi® chocolate sauces, white and dark respectively, enriched with crispy pieces of very thin wafers (without colorings and hydrogenated vegetable fats).


How do you apply this new musical essence of flavor?

In the gelato shop, you can use Caffè Swing products to create fresh and delicious coffee-flavored artisan, soft, or gelato sticks, embellished with chocolate sauces.

However, the incredible versatility of these products allows you to prepare many pastry delicacies such as mousses, Bavarian creams, and semifreddi, as well as beverage specialties like frappes and shakes.

Caffè Swing promises to deliver the right balance of inviting flavors.You will be able to satisfy the needs and tastes of your clientele with the myriad of applications Caffè Swing has to offer. Your customers will be dan- cing to the rhythm of the Swing!