Ciro Chiummo


Pastry Chef and ice sculptor

1) What does participating in the Gelato World Cup 2020 mean to you?

Being a member of the Italian team and represent my country in this international competition is for me a source of joy and pride. I have always desired to participate at the gelato world cup and now I have the opportunity to live my dream.  

2) How do you feel by being the representative for your own country in the most important international event in the dessert industry?

Having the honor of representing Italy in this competition encourages me to give my best. I am aware that I have an important responsibility, and for this reason, I will put in all that I have to reach an excellent result. I am going to do it for me, my team, my family, and for the gelato world.

3) What is the most valuable thing that you will take with you from this amazing experience?

I am sure that this international experience will help me grow both from a personal and professional perspective. To take part in an event of great importance as this allows me to overcome my limits, a basic requirement to be able to win.


“Summer Tart” dessert by Ciro Chiummo


  • Shortcrust pastry base
  • White chocolate
  • Forest berries Pastry Filling  
  • White chocolate mousse
  • Strawberry geleè
  • Raspberry mousse
  • Raspberry smART GLAZE
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Decorations

1) Shortcrust Pastry Base:


Frollis Gluten Free 800 gr

fresh Butter 250 gr

eggs 50 gr

egg yolk 60 gr

Mix the ingredients in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment until a smooth mixture is obtained. Rest it for 20 minutes at 4° C.

2) White Chocolate Mousse

Fiordica Gel Evolution 70 gr

water 200 gr

fresh cream 500 gr

Pannacrema White Chocowhite 60 gr

Add the Fiordica Gel Evolution in the water and combine the Pannacrema Chocowhite. Heat the mixture to 40-45 °C and incorporate into the semi-whipped cream.

3) Strawberry Geleè

strawberry purée 250 gr

jelly sheets 6 gr

granulated sugar 20 gr

Heat the purée with the sugar, and combine the jelly sheet previously softened.

4) Raspberry Mousse

Fiordica Gel Evolution 70gr

Pannacrema Raspberry 40gr

water 200 gr

fresh cream 500 gr 

Add the Fiordica Gel Evolution in the water and combine the Pannacrema Raspberry. Heat the mixture to 40-45 °C and incorporate into the semi-whipped cream.

Assembly Method:

  1. After cooking the Shortcrust Pastry Base, brush the internal surface with melted white chocolate to make it impermeable.
  2. Pour the Forest berries Pastry Filling on the bottom of the base and put into the blast freezer for few minutes.
  3. Pour the White Chocolate Mousse into the Shortcrust Pastry as the first layer, and then put into the blast freezer for few minutes.
  4. Pour the Strawberry Geleè until you completely fill the Shortcrust Pastry, and let it cool in the blast freezer.
  5. In a silicon mold with a diameter that is inferior to the Shortcrust Pastry, pour the Raspberry Mousse, and put it in the blast freezer.
  6. Glaze the Raspberry Mousse with the Raspberry smART Glaze, and put it on the Summer Tart.

Decorate the center and border of the Summer Tart with fresh raspberries previously cut in half.