Eugenio Morrone


Gelato Maker

1. What does participating in the Gelato World Cup 2020 mean to you?

I have always loved my job. To give you an idea of the sensation that I am experiencing, I can compare this feeling with the one that a young footballer will experience when he has the opportunity to participate at the FIFA World Cup. 

It is the opportunity to represent the art of artisanal gelato, a universal heritage of the Italian culture. 

It is an honour for me to be a member of the team and have the opportunity to compare my experience and expertise with my esteemed international colleagues.  

2. How do you feel about being the representative for your own country in the most important international event in the dessert industry?

It is an experience that will increase my strength, and it is a source of pride to have the opportunity to wear the Italian uniform. I feel the responsibility to represent all the artisanal gelato makers that are competent, skilful, and passionate about their job that, in the past and in the present, have contributed to making Italian gelato famous. 

3. What is the most valuable thing that you will take with you from this amazing experience?

I think that this experience will encourage me to continue my job with passion, and it will leave me with a deep sense of gratitude towards the people that allow me to do it.



Milk 605 g

Lucio pistachio pesto 110 g 

Sucrose 100 g

Cream 50 g 

Dextrose 40 g

Skimmed milk powder 35 g

Trehalose 35 g

Glucose DE28 20g

Pregel neuter 5 g

Mandarin sauce as required

CrumbOlè cocoa flavored as required

Total weigh 1000 g


Ingredients MANDARIN SAUCE: 

Mandarin juice weigh 656 g 

Sucrose 200 g

Dextrose 70 g

Glucose DE28 70 g

Xanthan gum 4 g

Total weigh 1000 g


1) Method for ice cream:

Combine the solids together 

Add the milk and the cream 

Mix together 

Do the thermic cycle 

When you extract the mixture garnish with the CrumbOlè and mandarin sauce. 


2) Method for mandarin sauce:

Combine the solids together 

Squeeze the mandarins 

Mix together and leave it to rest in a cool place for few hours to help the sauce to firm up



The use of the Pregel Lucio pistachio pesto was chosen for the high quality of the raw material and for the grainy consistency. 

The recipe requires the use of trehalose to substitute a part of sucrose. The freezing point is the same, but it allows to obtain a slightly decrease of the gelato sweetness, that is essential to maintain the balance harmonization with the mandarin sauce.