Five new sauces to attract your clients

During this summer season, attract your customers with our new flavors from the Arabeschi® line. Five new variegates with an intense flavor and a unique consistency that allow you to make a variety of new recipes and give a touch of creativity to any classic gelato flavors.

Summer is apricot season and it is impossible to resist this juicy, aromatic fruit. Tempt your customers with Apricot Arabeschi®, a tasty sauce with generous pieces of the summer fruit; it will give a nice visual appeal and creative touch to your creamy yogurt gelato. Or try it combined with PinoPinguino Nero to create a delicious sacher cake flavor. Apricot Arabeschi® is gluten free, which makes it the perfect fruit sauce for your gluten free gelati.

Indulge your clients with Choko Rice Arabeschi®, a creamy milk chocolate sauce with puff rice inclusions— offering an irresistible texture that will be the star of your display case. Use it to variegate a coconut gelato to make this exotic flavor even more delicious, or combine it with a peanut or hazelnut flavor to create a memorable experience.

We also created a gianduia sauce for all the hazelnut lovers! This variegate contains a large amount of carefully selected hazelnuts that were processed with care to enhance the delicate aroma of the nut. Add Nocciolone Crock™ Arabeschi® to obtain an irresistible crunchy consistency in your recipes and enhance visual appeal to impress your clients at every bite. Add it to hazelnut, almond or chocolate gelato.

Pistachio has always been one of the classic flavors in the world of gelato. This year, its intense flavor can be found in our new delicious sauce filled with crunchy inclusions called Pistacchio Crystal™ Arabeschi®. This product is ideal to give a touch of creativity to one of the most classic gelato flavor or to variegate a ricotta, pistachio or almond gelato.

Finally, offer a gelato flavor that pays tribute to one of the most popular British dessert: butterscotch. Reproducing the delicious flavor of caramel and toffee, the new Butterscotch Arabeschi® will give a touch of sweetness to your gelato. This sauce offers a fluid consistency, a shiny finish, and the typical flavor of brown sugar and butter that will impress even the most demanding palates. It does not contain food coloring. Combine this new sauce with our new Butterscotch Sprint to bring the aromas of this dessert to your gelato shop.