You would like to participate in PreGel International Training Centers Classes, but you need more information. Please find your answers below.

First of all, you need to fill in all the fields on the registration form, and then send payment for the course to PreGel Spa. To receive the registration form contact us!

Not yet. PreGel International Training Centers will confirm the registration after the payment has been received.

You can only submit payment for the course through a bank transfer to PreGel spa. The bank routing numbers are:
IBAN: IT 72 S 05387 66510 000000506682

No, you must submit the payment at least 7 business days before the beginning of the class.

You will need to pay within 7 business days before the beginning of the course. However, PreGel International Training Centers recommends submitting the payment as soon as possible to provide a better chance of securing a spot in the class.

All the PreGel International Training Centers courses have a limited number of participants to ensure an efficient and focused learning experience providing each student more access to the instructor.
When a course is sold out, the class is immediately closed. In that case, PreGel International Training Centers will evaluate adding additional classes.

The PreGel ITC is not a simple gelato school with a single headquarters; it is, in fact, a unique training network with many local premises.
In Italy, you can find it in street A. Frank n° 62, Reggio Emilia. PreGel International Training Centers will provide you all the necessary information to easily find the location

In the International Training Centers in Reggio Emilia, the classes normally run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and they generally last about seven hours.
Before registering, please check the curriculum of each class for detailed information. The duration of the class could, in fact, change depending on the course goals.

PreGel International Training Centers offers a complimentary lunch during all of our training classes.
PreGel International Training Centers will also ask the students to specify allergic reactions, (food) intolerances and food habits with the aim of guaranteeing the health of all participants.

PreGel International Training Centers is pleased to offer you a list of local hotels. All the hotels suggested are nearby the International Training Centers and offer a special rate for our students. The accommodation (Hotel) is not included in the course price.
All the students are required to personally pay for the hotel without the assistance of the PreGel International Training Centers.
Would you like to learn more about the hotels suggested by PreGel International Training Centers? Contact us here!

The dinners are not included in the course price. For this reason, all students must personally plan and arrange for their dinner themselves. Many of the accommodations suggested by PreGel International Training Centers have an internal restaurant.