Rome here we come! After the first successful event in Florence, that has registered thousands of people participating, and has already established the firsts flavors that will take part to the final on September, we will be back tomorrow with the second stage of Gelato Festival!

From April 29th till the 1st of May, Terrazza de Pincio will be abuzz with  hundreds of ice-cream makers proposing their creative new flavors alongside the most classic tastes; a true celebration of gelato that recognizes PreGel as a technical sponsor.

Even PinoPinguino will be with us entertaining children of all ages with his delicious tastes, and he will be helped by some friends (entertainers and makeup for kids).

Tickets will be available for purchase that will give you the chance to be part of the jury that will taste and choose the best flavor. For more information:

We will be waiting for you in Rome. Do not miss the chance to participate!