Gelato fruit flavors ideal for your summer display case

During the summer season, it is essential to offer a wide selection of fruit flavors in your gelato shop to satisfy your customers’ needs. There is nothing better than a refreshing and tasty gelato to cool off during hot summer days.

We put together some tutorial videos that show how to make energetic and delightful gelatos with the flavor of perfectly ripped fruits. Some recipes combine fruit and vegetables to create more original flavors, perfect to offer during this hot season.


VeraFrutta Gelato

PreGel Verafrutta products from the Lucio line offer a range of seven flavors. The line was created in order to make artisanal gelato with a unique flavor and consistency that would refresh your clients during hot afternoons. Select your desired product and add it to PreGel Milk Free Fruit Base to have a gelato with the intense flavor of ripped fruits. We used VeraFrutta Passion Fruit in this tutorial but you can choose among the following flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Mango and the 2020 novelties Mulberry and Lychee.

VeraFrutta Lychee

This tutorial is dedicated to the exotic flavor of lychee. Made with more than 70% of lychee pieces, VeraFrutta Lychee results in a tasty artisanal gelato filled with this original and floral taste. Create a creamy gelato with an elegant and authentic flavor with this fruit native from China. Delicate and sweet, it also allows for surprising flavor combinations. Pair it with coconut, pineapple and lime to create exotic options for your display case.

Super Yellow Sprint

If you are looking for other fresh flavor ideas to compose your gelato display case, we suggest you try our new Super Yellow Sprint. A powdered product already balanced that allows you to make in just a few simple steps a gelato with the flavor of mango, turmeric, pineapple rounded and a delicate note of rice. A formulation rich in fibers with reduced sugar content (less30% than similar recipes).

Super Sprint Pink

Intrigue your clients, by offering another flavor that combines the sweetness of fruit and the attributes of vegetables with Super Pink Sprint. This product allows for the creation of an original flavor combination thanks to the mix of strawberry, grapefruit and beetroot. This sprint ismade with natural flavors, vegetable extracts, and dehydrated strawberries, giving your gelato a delicate pastel pink color.