The first stage of the Gelato World Tour 2.0 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, it was a great success with more than 50,000 people who participated in the event. The Gelato World Tour is an opportunity to taste new and original flavours, and discover the passion, tradition and ingredients that are essential to create a high quality gelato.

PreGel’s stand was celebrated by the crowd with long lines of participants anxious to try PinoPinguino, one of the company’s top brands that boasts an intense and unmatched flavour.

“Good O’l Days” by Sharon Tay of Momolato, Singapore, won the competition defeating 16 other artisanal gelato chefs. Meanwhile, Mirko Stortini from Hanoi, Vietnam, won the “Stack it High Showdown” challenge‬ by PreGel, creating the highest artisanal gelato in the ‪world‬! PreGel, ‬the official partner of Gelato World Tour 2.0, supported all of the participants in the competition by providing artisanal gelato ingredients.‬‬

But the Gelato World Tour 2.0 is just getting started! PreGel with Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep, the organizers of the competition, and IFI, official partner, are working on the next stage in Komazawa Park, Tokoyo.

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