Peanut Pesto

The PreGel Peanut Pesto has all the richness and texture of roasted peanuts that have been gently ground. It is both sweet and savory, and it contains small pieces, making it perfect for creating simply irresistible flavors.

Hazelnut Pesto

PreGel produced its Hazelnut Pesto using a selection of the finest hazelnuts, enhancing their flavor and aroma with a light toasting process. It is the perfect choice for creating unforgettable finished desserts.

Pistachio Pesto

Traditional Paste made with only select, premium- quality nuts, ground into savory pieces to offer a distinctive product with intense, enveloping flavor, enhanced by pleasant toasted notes.

Almond Pesto

PreGel created Almond Pesto to provide the authentic and genuine flavor of finely toasted, superior quality almonds, giving gelato a complex texture that is pleasantly grainy.