Live a multimedia experience through our Host 2019 showcases.

Thanks to this multimedia tour, especially designed for our supporters, you can revisit the sweet and tempting pastry and gelato applications that our chefs created for the PreGel booth showcase at Host 2019. It is a wonderful overview of the dessert innovation that can be made using our products, much like the variety of goods that our booth visitors experienced during the Host exposition.

In this interactive showcase, you will find all the novelties that we presented at Host such as the tasty and colorful gelato recipes; the premium Lucio line for artisan gelato; our collection of Gluten Free ingredients; the new Lucilla creams; and the Regium beverage line.

How can you participate in this experience? Follow our tutorial.

First, go to this link.

You will be in a virtual booth that is divided into four different themes: Gelato, Cold Pastry, Gluten Free, and Beverage. Each replicate the showcases that were presented at Host. Once you make your preferred selection, you will be able to see all the desserts, gelato pans, cakes, and beverages that we displayed in full detail. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to request the recipes every application of gelato and pastry that you like. What are you waiting for? Start browsing our virtual booth now.