LucillaTM, our new hazelnut and cocoa spread, came to life from PreGel’s passion for all things delicious.

The latest addition in PreGel’s home is a creamy and velvety spread made with top quality, carefully selected ingredients.

LucillaTM features a genuine, all-encompassing taste, while its intense creaminess makes it delicate on the palate, offering an incredibly pleasant sensory impact.

Specifically created to better meet the needs of all professionals in the confectionery sector, the new PreGel spread is the key ingredient to turn all your creations into true works of art, but can also simply  be enjoyed on a slice of bread as an  indulgent  little treat.

And why not use LucillaTM when making mousses or semifreddo desserts; or to fill cakes, tarts, muffins and biscuits? Or still for adding a final touch to fragrant crepes, waffles, brioches, croissants.

With LucillaTM, the only limit is your own creativity!

We look forward to seeing you all at Sigep 2017 in Rimini, Hall C5, to sample LucillaTM and  LucillaTM Palm Oil Free.