Who said that unicorns do not exist?

Unicorns are fantastic and fascinating creatures that lead adults and children to live between the worlds of fantasy and reality: a trend that started on the social networks, but evolved into a true craze.

PreGel, which has always been in line with global trends, launches a combination of versatile products reminiscent of the colors of the rainbow with Magic Unicorn.

This enchanting recipe is composed of Unicorn Sprint andTopping Magic that can be used for countless gelato, pastry, and beverage applications.

Create captivating artisan gelato pans, soft gelato, and gelato sticks.

Enhance baked goods with sparkling, eye-catching décor.

Craft specialty frappes and shakes with magical hues.

Magic Unicorn is the perfect solution to bring the unicorn trend into your business

Unicorn Sprint

Cod. 61721 

A complete powdered product that creates a light blue gelato with a delicate vanilla flavor, characterized by natural flavorings and vegetable extracts.

Topping Magic

Cod. 62746

A smooth sauce enhanced with sparkly glitter and a fruity flavor with natural flavorings and colorings: a perfect mix of fun and colors.