New delicious flavors for summer

To have a complete offer in your gelato shop, it is essential to make some indulgent gelato flavors. The flavor combinations can range from classic recipes such as custard and chocolate, to more original recipes that reproduce the flavor of the desserts from all over the world in a frozen form, like apple pie for example.

To help you offer new gelato flavors to your customers, we made some tutorial videos with our chefs showing the steps to create new and original flavors using PreGel 2020 novelties.



Everybody loves indulgent flavors, but lactose intolerant consumers often have to avoid them, because they cannot find gelato flavors that suit their diet restrictions. Thanks to the lactose-free milk in the Base Lactose Free, you are able to make creamy gelatos that can be enjoyed by lactose intolerants clients. This recipe is made with pistachio gelato and Arabeschi® Pistacchio Crystal™, but this base can be used with all the dairy free and lactose free products.


To allow lactose intolerants to enjoy a delicate yogurt gelato, we created YogurSprint Lactose Free. Pair it with with Arabeschi® Wild Strawberry N, to obtain a refreshing, flavorful gelato. You can use this base with the many lactose free Arabeschi® to offer different variations of flavors that you clients will love.


For the youngest customers, we developed a gelato flavor with a delicate strawberry cream flavor. It is characterized by a light violet color that can be decorated with crystal flakes that taste like candies. Use Candy Dream Sprint to create this kid friendly, eye-catching flavor.


This tutorial is dedicated to a dessert that is popular abroad, and that has gained popularity in Italy these past few years.  Banoffee Pie is a caramel and banana dessert that is easy to reproduce in a gelato form with Banoffee Sprint. Make this flavor in your gelato shop as a delicious novelty that your clients will love.


This product was developed to recreate the flavor of one of the most beloved English dessert that is appreciated all over the world: butterscotch. Use this product to obtain a creamy gelato with the flavor of brown sugar and butter that together with Arabeschi® Butterscotch will help you create an attractive gelato pan with the unique flavor of this delicious English dessert.