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A STORY OF A FAMILY LINKED TO ITS TERRITORY, COMMITMENT AND PASSION. PreGel is an international company, with a strong
Once again, we confirm our commitment to offer you only quality products that meet the highest safety standards with the
Simplicity, determination and creativity are the nourishment that since 1967 feeds our company February 1st, Reggio Emilia – Every tree tells
We are proud to announce the renewal of BRC GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY and IFS Food Standard certifications with
PinoPinguino is a delicious, rich cold fudge for gelato and other frozen applications. Its particularity is that it remains soft
In 1985, the world's first yogurt-flavored gelato, Yoggi®, was created in PreGel's laboratories. This revolutionary product quickly became a gelato
Summer dessert par excellence, granita is the most refreshing dessert of this season. It is essential to offer a good
During the summer season, it is essential to offer a wide selection of fruit flavors in your gelato shop to
To have a complete offer in your gelato shop, it is essential to make some indulgent gelato flavors. The flavor
We are thrilled to announce that we are reopening the doors of our gelato school. The PreGel International Training Centers