Pannacrema is a product line developed to add flavor to any kind of mixture – be it whipped, liquid, or paste – without altering its texture.

Thanks to their natural tastes, all Pannacrema are perfect to flavor whipped creams, buttercreams, ganaches, desserts, semifreddos and any kind of cream. Furthermore, they can be mixed and combined in countless ways to create new specialties and enable all pastry professionals to increase the number of specialties on their menu.

For 2017, PreGel has enriched the range with four new references: a fruit-based Raspberry flavor (perfect in many recipes, especially when paired with chocolate), and the three pastry classics: Brandy, Cherry Liquor, and Egg Liquor.

But… there is more! Discover all the new products that PreGel has thought of to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the best possible way!