The Pastry Shop enriches with three new fruity specialties of its Pastry Fillings line. We are glad to present Pineapple, Forest Berries, and Pear!

These fillings, with a delicate and natural flavor, are both baked (bake stable) and suited to be frozen. They are ideal to realize fragrant tarts, tasty muffins, and exquisite Bavarian creams as well.

Thanks to PreGel’s Pastry Fillings it is possible to create endless pastry recipes, all with a high content of real selected fruit. They are ideal even to fill your crepes, waffles, croissants, krapfen, and many other sweet treats.

The three new references are part of PreGel’s 2017 novelties and go in addition to the previously launched flavors, Apple and Amarena – Sour Cherry. Try them all!

Discover also the tasty and shiny smART Glazes to give to your showcase a further touch of elegance.