We are reluctant to leave Summer behind, but which season is better to provide us with some special treats if not Autumn?

We are automatically driven to choose different products: richer, more chocolatey, more creamy.

It’s time to change our display cases and fill them with delicious bakery products full of the flavor of Autumn recipes: from traditional tarts with seasonal jam to chocolate cakes, muffins and cheesecakes.

Thanks to PreGel’s pastry products you can also meet the needs of your gluten-free customers or make a vegan frollis to be transformed into delicious assorted shaped biscuits. And do not forget the specialties of the French patisserie, such as macarons with their almond note or the coloured fantasy of the éclairs, which are now even easier to prepare with the help of PreGel’s products.

And that’s not all, PreGel offers many alternative ideas like crèpes and waffles, providing a real opportunity to transform your Gelato shop into a meeting place for your customers … especially during the low-season.