PreGel and Gelato World Tour are the Gelato ambassadors all around the world!

The second edition of Gelato World Tour is starting: a travelling competition that will bring the culture of artisanal gelato to the world throughout the next three years!
On March 20, the Gelato World Tour will arrive in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, making this the gelato world capital for three days. During this time, all the best gelato makers from Asia Pacific will compete with each other before the competition moves on to Tokyo. Then after a long journey to the most important locations of the five continents, the competition will culminate with the “Grand Finale” in September 2017.
PreGel, the global leader of ingredients for artisanal gelato and pastry, will be the main partner of the event and will contribute both its experience and its products to help spread the gelato culture in the five continents. In fact, today PreGel has three production locations and fourteen branch offices located throughout the world.