MIG 2016 – Your gelato bar livens up at 7 am, becoming the preferred venue for breakfast time. Some more meters to set up the coffee-machine, one dedicated person, a good variety of proposed croissants and the game is done!

You can make a big difference with small actions that will make your customers feel “at home” letting them choose among a varied proposal of different kinds of sugar and sugar alternatives, honeys, infusions and delicious fresh-fruit juices. Or a pleasant glass of warm milk, flavoured with some of the best winter choices of PreGel Flavour Lounge including: cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, white chocolate, caramel.

This is the right season to bet on frolla biscuits and any kind of chocolate proposal. Keep the vase on display and fill or spread Lucilla oil-palm free hazelnut and cacao cream novelty on small breads or croissants in front of your customer to create an interactive experience.

At your coffee corner, you will also be successful during afternoon tea or coffee time with popular menu items such as quick gelato snacks served with your biscuits or fresh fruit alongside soft yogurt.

Other delicious choices great for any hour of the day are the caffettinis, smoothies, available in coffee, milk, mascarpone and yogurt flavours, easily customizable with excellent topping sauces of your customer’s choice.

During the late afternoon and in the evening don’t miss the opportunity to organize a Spritz Happy Hour utilizing artisan gelato. Take advantage of PreGel’s Syrup Lounge range and prepare amazing  fruit-based aperitives and trendy cocktails to pair with salty evening snacks. Come and visit PreGel at Longarone Exhibition, it will be our pleasure to help you discover many other new and exciting menu- ideas!

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