Host, an event that takes place in Milano every two years dedicated to professional hospitality industry, has just concluded.
More than 150,000 visitors from 172 different countries participated in this event, confirming it as a prestigious international stage for PreGel. Host 2015 was the perfect opportunity to present some novelties for artisan gelato and pastry, destined to become genuine best sellers of the 2016 season.
Once again, PreGel proposed these solutions based on the needs of both industry professionals and their customers. The base for Vegan gelato, for example, has garnered acclaim in the world of artisan gelato. The product – 100% vegan – is ideal for creating a display case capable of merging PreGel quality with the principles of the vegan philosophy. Also much appreciated was the new line of products for gluten-free pastry, born from the growing demand of consumers with celiac disease, who do not want to miss the pleasure of a dessert.
During Host, PreGel also took part in the World Championship of Pastry, as Gold Sponsor of the event, reconfirming a global benchmark in the field of ingredients for gelato, pastry and coffee shops.
In the weeks following the event, Host has proven to be one of the most important events in the world of food and a nice opportunity to meet with professionals and international buyers.
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