From the strong bond between PreGel and its native land, Regium is born. 

Regium is a complete line of innovative products dedicated to the beverage industry and especially conceived for the HoReCa sector, proposing solutions that respond to the professionals’ needs year-around.   

Regium, in fact, consists of extremely versatile products made with selected raw materials: 

from products for preparing refreshing drinks, cocktails, frappes, and other frozen specialties to components that make warm and enveloping beverages.  

Regium is the ideal partner for those who want to excel in the sector, both in the classic and innovative segments. 

Fruit Regium is a collection of top-quality fruit-based products that boasts a high percentage (over 50%) of real fruit in a simple syrup base. The smooth and rich texture produced by Fruit is the result of its high fruit content that is typical of fruit purée.

Thanks to their incredible versatility, this line is perfect for a wide array of applications suitable for all hours of the day and night, thus helping to diversify menu offerings and maximize profits.

Fruit Regium is ideal for the preparation of many drink recipes including delicious cocktails and long drinks, smoothies, fruit shakes, and carbonated drinks, all featuring a very natural fresh-fruit taste.

Additionally, the line’s packaging of distinguished, sleek black bottles gives the Fruit Regium collection a unique touch of elegance that stands out in the most trendy and sophisticated environments.

• 1 pump = 30 cl

• The patented wide-mouth closure features a built-in oxygen barrier and a unique dispensing spout for the ultimate pouring convenience.





Frutti di bosco

Frutto della passione





Regium Mixes play an essential role in the preparation of countless cocktails and sour long drinks, the first being made with lemon, sugar, and albumin, and the second with lime and cane sugar.

A time-saver solution for professional bartenders, these premixes are complete and balanced powdered products to be mixed with water for the easy preparation of fundamental cocktail bases, always ensuring a consistent high quality and balance of tastes.

Lime mix

Sweet and sour

PreGel’s concentrated syrup selection encompasses cream and fruit flavors that boast authentic and distinguished tastes. Regium Syrup line is ideal to customize and enhance the flavor of both hot and cold drinks.

All Syrup options feature a perfect solubility, which allows them to be used for a wide array of cold applications to create both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, ice teas, and many other drinks.

Furthermore, they have proven to maintain their flavor and consistency even at high temperatures. Therefore, Syrup can also be used to customize cappuccino, latte, gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and infusions, thus creating new delicious specialties.

• 1 pump = 10 cl

Al gusto di cioccolato





Arancia rossa



Blue curacao



Chai Tea



Fiori di Sambuco


Fragolina di bosco






Mela verde


Menta bianca

Menta verde


Pan di zenzero





Regium Cremose is an exclusive line of complete and pre-balanced products, created to prepare delicious frozen creams with a full, smooth texture and rich, creamy flavor.

As for the classic flavor of coffee, there are two alternatives available: Coffee Cremosa or Caffettissimo. Coffee Cremosa produces an icier texture while Caffettissimo boasts a creamier, whipped consistency more similar to frozen mousse.

Spumosa Coffee is a ready-to-use and versatile powdered product that only requires the addition of milk or water to prepare different frozen treats with the flavor or pure espresso.
Depending on the method of preparation, Spumosa Coffee makes it easy to obtain velvety and foamy frozen creams, delicious granita, or refreshing iced coffees boasting a consistently delightful flavor.
Ideal to be served as a small dessert or for a sweet break, all the products of the line are customizable with whipped cream, coffee, and any kind of grains and decorations to always offer new and original flavor combinations.




Spumosa Caffè

Regium Frappè products can easily be prepared with fast results. They simply require blending the powdered mix, skim milk, and ice cubes until a smooth and creamy beverage is obtained.

By varying the proportions of ingredients, you can create drinks with different textures: from icy to softer and creamier mouthfeels.

Smoothies can be personalized and enriched with fresh fruit or coffee; alternatively, they are perfect for flavoring with selections from the Fruit or Syrup product lines, to consistently create new recipe inspiration, resulting in amazing tastes.






This Tenerissimo line is particularly well-suited for the HoReCa sector, as it was conceived specifically for professionals to prepare premium frozen desserts with a minimum need for equipment, space, and skill.

These instant powdered mixes are extremely easy-to-use, requiring only the addition of milk or water to produce delicious frozen desserts very similar to dense and airy soft gelato.

The best part is that they are produced in affordable and compact tabletop machines – a great solution for culinary-based retail establishments with restricted counter space.

Available in the most popular traditional flavors, Tenerissimo frozen desserts are delicious standalone treats that are also enjoyable when customized with fresh fruit, chocolate, or grains to meet the needs of  the most demanding consumers. A must-try is the combination of Tenerissimo Mascarpone and espresso coffee, a truly irresistible modern version of the classic Italian affogato.

Al gusto di cioccolato


Caramel Salato





Al gusto di cioccolato


Caramel Salato





Passion, innovation, and quality are the main ingredients in this revolutionary beverage line designed by Regium. Così Drink products can be used for preparing both comforting warm drinks and thirst-quenching cold beverages, and are therefore ideal to indulge your clients with something innovative and tasty all day long. All the references of this line of products are made with selected raw ingredients and are without hydrogenated-vegetable fats. 


Caramello salato

Ginseng e zenzero

Golden coconut milk


Matcha latte


Panna e fragola

Thè nero e yuzu

Born of a jealously guarded ancient tradition, BellaVenezia Coffee Beans are synonymous with premium quality and represent a guaranteed for all coffee lovers and the most demanding professionals in the sector.

Premium Blend

A refined and well-balanced blend of Arabica from Brazil and Central America, BellaVenezia Coffee Beans are composed of a small percentage of the finest Indian-washed Robusta beans which provide a full-body and thick top foam to the finished product.

With a complex and multifaceted sensory profile that is extremely balanced, these impeccable beans are characterized by predominant bitter cocoa notes, delicately softened by a light and sweet floral aftertaste.

The sophisticated aroma of BellaVenezia Coffee Beans is rich to the palate and offers a full, round body: the perfect solution for a coffee that is suitable for all times of the day and able to satisfy the preference of a wide and varied audience.

Premium Quality

Packaged in whole beans, BellaVenezia Coffee Beans are roasted in Italy with extreme care thanks to an advanced system of Quality Control.

In fact, it is because of this procedure that the authentic flavor, aroma, and integrity of the premium raw ingredient is preserved.

Powdered mix for the quick preparation of a high-quality and creamy hot chocolate with an intense cocoa flavor. Hot Chocolat can be prepared with a hot chocolate machine or by using a steam wand, and can be flavored to taste with Regium Syrups, for new and tasty flavor combinations.