Summer Granitas

Summer dessert par excellence, granita is the most refreshing dessert of this season. It is essential to offer a good selection of flavors in your gelato shop, from the most classic flavors of the Sicilian tradition, such as almond and lemon, to the most popular ones preferred by young people such as strawberry and mint.
To help you expand your offer of granitas and innovate with new flavors, we created two video tutorials to show you how to make fresh mulberry and grape granitas.

VeraFrutta Mulberry Granita

With their refreshing and pleasant flavor, comings from the perfect balance of sweet and sour, mulberries are the main ingredient in our new VeraFrutta. It allows you to create one of the typical Sicilian traditional granita flavors and is perfect to be enjoyed at breakfast along with the typical brioche with “tuppo”. A few simple steps to create a refreshing dessert that your customers will look forward to trying

Granita Chicco Rosè

Try offering an original and unexpected flavor in your granitas menu this summer. Use the grape juices from the Chicco line to make refreshing desserts that contain the intense flavor of grapes from our land and offer a refreshing break to your customers. Choose amongst four different grape juices (Red, Rosé, White and Gold) to obtain a delicious granita that enhances this fruit to the fullest. The granitas made with the juices of the Chicco line make an original option for a summer aperitif; serve them in elegant flûte glasses to obtain a drink suitable for this season and to make every evening special.