The endless applications of PinoPinguino

PinoPinguino is a delicious, rich cold fudge for gelato and other frozen applications. Its particularity is that it remains soft at negative temperatures, allowing you to achieve creative recipes thanks to its versatility.
Use one of the 13 cold fudge flavors from the PinoPinguino line to make original layered gelatos, by playing with various colors and flavors in order to expand your gelato offer. Curious to learn how to make layered gelato? Watch this short video.

Experience the beloved flavor of cacao and hazelnut in a soft version with PinoPinguino Sprint. Offer a delicious alternative to any other classic soft flavors in just a few simple steps

PinoPinguino Sprint is also a great product to make artisanal gelato. Just add milk to the Sprint, blend and pour in your gelato machine. In a few minutes, serve a fresh and creamy PinoPinguino gelato to your customers.

Make gelato pops, using PinoPinguino to coat your sticks! Create many flavors combinations to attract your clients. In this video, we combine PinoPinguino Lemon and PinoPinguino Classic but you can mix and match to create endless flavor combinations!


That’s not all! Make also delicious and indulgent drinks with PinoPinguino Frappè. Make a cocoa and hazelnut drink in just a few steps by mixing PinoPinguino Frappè and milk. Pour over ice and serve the perfect frappe to your young customers.


PinoPinguino Biscuit is the latest new product from the PinoPinguino line. It is flaky, gluten-free and with a cocoa and hazelnut flavor, perfect to make tasty gelato sandwiches that are ideal for your delivery offerings or to go with a delicious gelato cup filled with PinoPinguino.


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