Last season, Happy Gelato came back in all the best artisan gelato parlors with its unique smile and two original flavors: Coffee-Kroc and Coco-Chok.

But the surprises were not over. This year, the family grows once again and welcomes Choko Puffs, the new HappyGelato flavor for all, which will be tasted at Sigep 2017 for the first time ever.

Choko Puffs, the latest addition to the HappyGelato family, boasts a rich gianduia flavor and a decadent hazelnut-chocolate sauce filled with crunchy mini puffs. A captivating flavor made to impress the choco-addicted of all ages!

This irresistible 2017 novelty adds Coffee-Kroc and Coco-Chok flavors to Choco Puffs and  the popular Crispy-Chok, first-born in the HappyGelato family boasting four different flavors, all able to raise the same reaction in everyone, a genuine and long-lasting smile!

Come to Hall C5 until January, 25th, to sample the new Choko Puffs and the other specialties of HappyGelato family!

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