Artisan gelato is a popular food worldwide. Its preparation is based on the combinations of easy-to-find ingredients which must be perfectly balanced to obtain a high quality artisan gelato. For this reason, having some basic knowledge or experience in assisting with the preparation of recipes is very different than making constant high quality product and managing a successful gelato shop.
Becoming a real gelato chef, in fact, requires both preparation and skills. This is the reason why gelato and pastry training courses are designed to meet the needs of beginners who want to open a gelato shop and learn the basic techniques of producing a high quality gelato. These people can start a training path to learn artisan gelato’s main themes: from the ingredients selection to learning the different production processes, to displaying gelato in the showcase.

But that’s not all: in fact, as the market constantly evolves all professionals are required to continually develop and update their skills. For that reason, all gelato and pastry training courses are also designed for professional chefs who want to improve their knowledge and competency in artisan gelato and frozen desserts.
Finally, training classes are also focused on many other aspects of gelato, such as marketing initiatives, business plans and general management. This information helps gelato chefs and investors in their own business, and provides them with all the tools necessary to best communicate the quality their shop offers.
Why does PreGel suggest to attend gelato and pastry training courses?

We recommend attending a training course to learn how to produce high quality gelato and manage a store efficiently. In addition, training courses are a great place to receive ideas, advice and information from partners – like PreGel – that study artisan gelato daily to ensure that both design and concepts offer solutions to fit the new trends of different markets. PreGel has developed a standardized and integrated program with the goal of helping both beginners and professionals to reach success in the artisan gelato business.
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