The sweetest event of the year: Sigep 2020

Just a little over a month separates us from the most important event in our industry, the 41st edition of the International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery, and the Coffee World, simply known as Sigep. The main professionals of the dessert foodservice sector use this as business opportunities, as they get to discover trends and novelties for the new year. An event you will not want to miss, where you will find 129.000 m2 worth of international offers.

Sigep 2020 will be the perfect place to tell you our vision for the gelato and pastry world, thanks to a great deal of trends, new flavors, and novelties that we will present. You are all invited to visit us at Hall C5 and come sample all desserts made with our products, which will be specially prepared by the 55 PreGel chefs at our booth.

Hold tight, we are not done yet! We are just starting with the surprises! This year, to support the artisanal gelato culture and tradition in the world, we have decided to be the Platinum Sponsors of the Gelato World Cup. We firmly believe in this initiative, as well as in the synergy between our company and the twelve international teams that are going to take part in the competition. For this reason, all participating teams will use our products during the competition, and that one team that stands out the most for their creativity and skills will be given a special award by us. You will not want to miss this competition, which will take place at the Gelato World Tour Arena, at Sigep.

Finally, to top off this prestigious 2020 edition, we will be hosting at our booth, on the 20th of January, the World Committee of Honour (a body established after the 6th edition of the Gelato World Cup). This body is consisted of highest-level professionals, with international recognition, which will be performing amazing live demos to all of you.

Come check out all of the dessert trends, new flavors, and novelties that we will have prepared for you, as well as all the excitement from an international gelato competition. Visit us at Hall C5, from January 18th-22nd, in Rimini. The PreGel family awaits you!