The Yoggi® World

In 1985, the world’s first yogurt-flavored gelato, Yoggi®, was created in PreGel’s laboratories. This revolutionary product quickly became a gelato classic. It also gained a mention on Wikipedia, and together with Frozen Yoggi® that was launched a few years later, helped revolutionize the artisanal gelato market.


The unique and unparalleled taste of fresh and genuine yogurt is perfect paired with our delicious Arabeschi® to make your gelato pans unique. In this video, we combined the yogurt gelato with our Honey Topping with Granella Di Mandorle Tostate Arabeschi® . Simple ingredients, but rich in taste that guarantee a delicious result.

Frozen Yoggi®

With Frozen Yoggi® it is very easy to prepare creamy soft serves with a delicate and genuine taste. Simply mix Frozen Yoggi® with milk and pour in the soft serve machine to obtain a creamy product ready to be decorated with our Toppings or with our delicious sauces from the Arabeschi® line. Make room for you customers’ imagination and find out which fun and original flavor combinations they will come up with.


Not just for soft serve and gelato, the flavor of yogurt can now also be eaten in a granita form thanks to Yoggigranita. A powder product that allows you to make thirst quenching granitas or refreshing smoothies. It combines the delicate flavor of yogurt with the aroma of fruit, thanks to our products from the beverage Regium line. In this video, it is combined with the slightly acidic taste of raspberries to create a delicious smoothie, perfect for the season.