The month of April was marked by the growth of new trends and introduction of new flavors in the artisan – gelato industry. The European Gelato Day, celebrated on  March the 24th, has introduced some new unusual flavors, among which Framboise Melba (raspberry based), Beets Cake with almonds and dark chocolate (a typical British dessert), and Milk & Wild Mint (finalist flavor at Gelato World Tour contest).

Furthermore, the uncharacteristic warm climate of the last days of March and the first week of April has facilitated an early boom of gelato sales: Coldiretti (the Italian Confederation of farmers) has estimated a 30% increase for ice cream consumption, in March alone.

The figures of this sector are of astounding dimensions: we talk about 380.000 tons consumed every year, approximately 12 kilos per person of artisanal gelato. Moreover, these data are growing by the day not only in Italy (the world leader for gelato consumption so far) but even in Europe, America and Asia.

Confirming this growth even outside the “BelPaese”, is the Gelato Festival, that for its eight edition will land first in Europe and then in the US, to spread out the Italian tradition of artisanal gelato even overseas.

In the (about) 40.000 Italian gelato shops, the work force is esteemed in about 150.000 employees, 15.000 more than five years ago.

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