About us


A family story linked to the territory, commitment and passion.

We are an international company with a strong family imprint that includes all the employees and collaborators who work every day with passion to continue to create cutting-edge products for the gelato, pastry and beverage sectors that constitutes the soul of the company.

A history of over fifty years

PreGel was born thanks to President Luciano Rabboni’s intuition: In 1963 he graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Modena, and then was assistant professor of Food Technology at the University of Parma for a few years.

Lucio Rabboni

In 1967 Luciano Rabboni abandoned his career as a teacher to pursue the study and development of new flavours in the field of gelato making, practicing in a workshop set up in his father’s garage and founding the PreGel company together with his wife (an abbreviation of “gelato preparations”).

In 1978 he moved the business to Scandiano (Reggio Emilia), with a small team of 8 workers and 2 clerks. In 1982 he built his first factory building in Gavasseto: a plant that would be expanded over time in order to increase production capacity and product research.

Thanks to Lucio Rabboni’s intuition, PreGel revolutionised the gelato market by launching several innovative products that received the most important awards in the sector: in 1970 the Gran Stracciatella Reale, the first innovative product for artisan gelato, in 1971 the Traditional Paste Zabajone Vittoria and in 1985 Yoggi®, a unique and inimitable yoghurt flavour for artisan gelato, a product that changed the gelato market forever.

The history of PreGel is a family story linked to tradition, commitment and passion, in fact Lucio Rabboni’s motto has always been “Simplicity, determination and creativity“.

Today Lucio Rabboni is President and CEO of PreGel Spa together with his sons Dario and Vittorio and with the help of all his employees, he continues to successfully lead the company, the first international reference point in the sector of flavours, ingredients and technological aids for gelato parlours.

In March 2021, the PreGel group received recognition from the ItalyPost Study Centre and Corriere della Sera L’Economia as one of the 100 best companies in Italy in the 120-500 million turnover bracket that stood out for the performance achieved – “Impresa Champion” project. In the same year, PreGel was also listed among the top 30 Italian companies in the food and beverage sector.

In October 2019 Luciano Rabboni receives at the hands of the President of the Italian Republic Mattarella the honour of “Cavaliere del Lavoro, an award conferred for having demonstrated that he has operated in his sector with autonomous responsibility and contributing significantly through his business activity.

Luciano Rabboni is now at the helm of PreGel Spa, always on the lookout for innovative solutions for the sector with a workforce of 700 employees between Italy and abroad, more than 65,000 square metres of facilities in Italy, a production site of 60.000 square metres also in America and more than 20 gelato and pastry schools.


When I started to take my first steps in this world, I had a big dream in my head and a suitcase full of passion and drive. Seeing what PreGel has become today fills me with pride and joy, and for this I am deeply grateful to my wife Elena, my sons Vittorio and Dario and all the collaborators who have accompanied us on this lifelong journey. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

Luciano Rabboni