Dott. Luciano Rabboni, founder PreGel.


Our company was born with Dr. Luciano Rabboni’s vision, when in 1964, in a garage in the province of Reggio Emilia, he occasionally started working on new gelato flavors. Passion and determination are the two values that drove Rabboni and his wife to found PreGel (short for “pre-gelato”, making reference to the production steps that precede the final gelato) in 1967 and revolutionize the gelato world, with the launch of several award-winning products in the industry. 

One good example is the Gran Stracciatella Reale, launched in 1970 as the first innovative product for stracciatella artisanal gelato. This success was then followed by the Classic Paste Zabajone Vittoria in 1971, and the Yoggi® in 1985, the unique and still unmatched yogurt flavor for artisanal gelato.

In 1984, Luciano Rabboni establishes PreGel Deutschland GmbH to serve the German market and start his plan of international expansion. Today, PreGel is present in 130 countries, with more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide.

Listening to our customers and creating a reciprocal, trustworthy relationship, is what led us to think of a long-lasting project, materialized in 2003, when we created the global training network “PreGel International Training Centers”. The PreGel ITC is designed for those who wish to begin a career in the gelato and/or pastry industry, or those who simply wish to improve the skills and techniques they already possess.

Passion and innovation

Following these milestones, in March of 2019 we received the news from the Centro Studi ItalyPost and Economia del Corriere della Sera that we had won the award of one of the 100 best Italian companies. This was an extra boost to go into the month of May, where we started the construction of the new Food and Agriculture Center in Arceto, Scandiano (RE).

Finally, to top off the year of 2019, our President and CEO, Dr. Luciano Rabboni, receives the award of Cavaliere del Lavoro on live TV and from the hands of Italy’s President. This award is given each year to those in the Italian business community, who have made a difference and helped the development of the country. This moment marked the history of our company with a fair recognition of the strong commitment in the industry, demonstrated all these years, by our president and founder.

Today, the Rabboni family continues to lead the company, constantly seeking new innovative solutions for the gelato, pastry, and beverage industry, with a staff of 700 employees, two production plants (Italy and USA), and more than 25 schools of gelato and pastry worldwide.