New season,
new Arabeschi®

Find out the new flavours of one of our most famous lines

Arabeschi® have always been one of our most famous lines, because they allow you to add a quick and tasty variety to your gelato. Every year we study new flavours to offer you interesting ideas that allow you to enrich your shop window with new tastes. 

Arabeschi® Lingonberry

The first novelty in the line that we present to you is a delicious lingonberry variegate with whole pieces of fruit characterised by a light bitter note and an elegant bright red colour. Arabeschi® Lingonberry combines perfectly with Farm Cheese Sprint for a fresh and genuine gelato flavour.

Arabeschi® Bonitobon™ with Pieces

Arabeschi® Bonitobon™ with Pieces is an extremely mouth-watering novelty which, thanks to its milk and hazelnut flavour enriched by fragrant wafer inclusions, is capable of making any gelato irresistible. We advise you to combine it with the new Traditional Paste Cremino Gold which, with its milk and hazelnut flavour, enhances to the maximum the goodness of this delicious variegate.

Arabeschi® Lucy Brownie Fudge

Arabeschi® Lucy Brownie Fudge is a smooth sauce characterised by an intense and overwhelming flavour of American brownies with the traditional texture of good fudge which goes perfectly with a vanilla, chocolate or biscuit flavour and also with the brand-new Traditional Paste Snack & Peanut™.

Arabeschi® Crockita™

The latest addition to the range is Arabeschi® Crockita™, an extremely crunchy product perfect for giving a new look to a fiordilatte, vanilla or nougat gelato.

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