The snack break is in the gelato shop!

Have fun with Traditional Paste Snack & Peanut™

One of the tastiest novelties of 2022 is Traditional Paste Snack & Peanut. Its rich flavour full of peanuts and chocolate will allow you to indulge yourself by recreating the taste of your favorite snacks and candy bars.

Traditional Paste Snack & Peanut is gluten free, vegan and contains no added colourings or flavourings.

It pairs perfectly with Arabeschi® Arcobaleno and Gran Stracciatella Reale Sottile e Croccante for an inviting gelato that is appealing for both the eyes and the palate. It is also irresistible when paired with PinoPinguino Peanut and Arabeschi® Caramelllatte, as these flavours mixed together create a mouth-watering sensation. Adding Arabeschi® Lingonberry creates a fusion that will obtain the timeless combination of peanut butter and jam.  

If you would like to discover more delicious ideas, write us at to receive the Gelato Snack Recipe Book which will help you to create a display full of flavour.

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